RS150RoseConnect Premium (Ver 3.8.7) for Windows PC and MAC

21 Jul 2021
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We have an update that enhances operational stability in RoseConnect Premium 3.8.2 for PC and MAC (Beta version)

for Windows PC

for MAC

-- Program information --

- Applicable models: RS201, RS250, RS150

- Applied version: Ver 3.8.7 ( PC, Mac )

-- Improvements --

1. Music

- Fixed an issue where only 30 items were displayed when entering the Category> Genre, Artist, Composer page

-Fixed an issue where tracks & albums were not displayed in Artist Search and Classification > Artists

2. Tidal

- Home> Visual Album page album track not displayed or not playing problem fixed

- Improvement of the problem of poor playback when playing with Tidal video list

- MQA resolution display

- Show artists in popup when albums and tracks have multiple artists

3. Bugs (For Korean)

- Added video icon to track information, display content in popup when icon is clicked

- Show artists in popup when albums and tracks have multiple artists

- Changes the part where all tracks are played when a track is clicked to play only the clicked track, and adds a button to listen to the entire track

- You can play the entire video by clicking the play all icon in the video popup.

4. Qobuz

- Hi-Res resolution display

5. Others

- Fixed an issue where the Rose Tube playlist was not exposed in the friend's playlist.

** Rose FM will be included in the next version

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